Limited series and audio drama podcasts. Complete seasons only.

Limited series and audio drama only

Season only lists long form podcasts that tell one story over many episodes. It can be limited series like Serial and S-Town, or audio dramas like Homecoming and The Black Tapes. No news, sports, pundits or "three dudes with a microphone"-style shows.

As simple as an audio book player

Since Season is tailored to serialized shows it's a lot simpler than your average podcast player. There are no feeds or subscriptions to juggle. Just start playing a season and it plays all episodes from beginning to end. It's as simple as an audio book player.

Complete seasons only

Every show you find in Season is complete and ready to be binged now, so you never have to wait around for the next episode to drop.

Less haystack, more needle

There are half a million podcasts out there. Season only lists high quality shows, making it easier to find the stuff you love.

Have your say

It's still early days for Season and the app is still getting molded. If you have a feature you always wanted in a podcast player, this is your chance to get it in.